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Looking to learn something specific? These are the themes we write about:


Brand Building

Looking at the building blocks that shape successful brand identity. Covering strategies like brand journalism as a means to take ownership of brand storytelling. Exploring how a brand purpose, authenticity, and trust dramatically improves your bottom line.


Changing Technologies

Technology and hyper-globalisation have triggered the fastest societal changes humans have ever experienced. How to navigate these changes as a brand by keeping on top of them, from VR to AI. Examining how these advances in technology are changing the way we communicate and how to stay future-proof in this environment.


Media Relations

Effective communication and relationship building are integral to brand success. How to nail it every time. Why journalism is still important for brands and how we can step in as natural partners with the media. Exploring the different platforms we use to communicate and how to successfully tap into each one. Looking at the old, ineffective ways of doing PR and how we can do a better job.


Reaching Your Audience

Exploring the practical and conceptual ingredients needed to successfully connect with your audience. How to nurture trust and empathy to produce stories that resonate. Looking at the social and psychological realities that motivate humans into action and how we can harness this knowledge to create meaningful social impact.

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