An online magazine with practical articles for communicators in a changing industry.

The next 20 years are going to bring more technological change than we could have possibly imagined, at a faster rate than any period in human history. At the same time, the world has lost trust in organisations and corporations. We want to help you win back that trust, by discovering your purpose, practicing empathy, and staying accountable.

Our mission is to future-proof ourselves as an industry of professional communicators. We will do this by sharing resources, expertise, and learning from each other. We seek to be a pocket of certainty in an uncertain world, by simplifying complex issues so that we understand the world around us, adapt, and thrive. But we can only do this as a community.

By sharing practical advice and opinions with each other on how to stay effective, we can prepare for the enormous amount of change on our doorstep, together. Let's be a lighthouse in a volatile world.

Unfold explores four critical topics. Firstly, all the necessary ingredients to build an effective brand. Secondly, how to adapt to rapid technological change, as well as major changes in the PR and communications industry. Thirdly, how to build and nurture strong media relationships that last. Lastly, the practical and conceptual ingredients you will need to successfully connect with your audience. Unfold with us.

Carmen Guillen
Padraig McKee