About Unfold

Unfold is a community of communicators with purpose: sharing knowledge and inspiration with each other to reach our collective potential, and make a positive impact on the world. As people who work in PR and communications, we help shape culture. This is both a great privilege- after all, telling stories for a living is challenging and fun - and a great responsibility.

If we were to set the industry that we have in stone, we would also be left with the mounting challenges of modern world: a crisis of trust, dwindling media revenues, climate change, gender imbalance etc. In short: without a fundamental change in the way we do business, we’re toast.

Building a modern business, and the communication strategy around it, should be aspirational. We are building for the future. We are not building the world we currently see, but building the world we want to see.

Luckily, as people who communicate ideas for a living, you have a natural aptitude for the very skills we will need to build this bold new world. You are creative and strategic, you understand people, and you know how to communicate with concision.

Our mission is to help you sharpen these skills and get better at your jobs. By sharing techniques, insights and advice as a community, you will naturally thrive. But it will also take courage and collaboration. Unfold explores four critical topics.

Firstly, all the ingredients to build brands that matter. Secondly, how to adapt to rapid technological change, as well as major changes in the PR and communications industry. Thirdly, how to build and nurture strong media relationships. Lastly, the practical and conceptual ingredients you will need to connect with your audience.

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Padraig McKee