Stefan Fountain


Stefan Fountain is CEO of, software to professionalise your PR and nurture your media relationships in half the time. When he is not creating stories of his own he can be found working on his core passion: guiding brands through the minefield of authenticity culture. He does this by advocating purpose driven storytelling, while providing the practical tools to really make stories sing. Stefan is partial to a bow tie.

Stefan’s stories

Using commercial newswires will hurt your brand

The challenge for brands today is to help relevant content cut through the noise and rise to the top in a meaningful way. Using newswires as a distribution channel to reach your audience ...

A brief history of news publishing

In this three-part series, we analyse the history of news generation, how newswires developed and what is a better alternative. In this first par​t, we travel back through time and analys...

Introduction: Newswires are bad for your brand

A three-piece explanation on why newswires are bad for your brand. In part one we analyze the history, part two the consequences, and lastly in part three the solution to newswire services.

The old way: dark patterns of aimless PR

PR efforts built solely on louder and more frequent communication don’t work, especially when the message doesn't have meaning. It’s time to break the cycle of meaninglessness, but to do ...

Why it's important to speak like a human being

At times, PR professionals forget that ‘public relations’ cannot exist without the ‘public’ part. Which is just odd, because it’s right there in the name. But companies still treat PR lik...

Marketers are the new changemakers

On being a professional communicator in a 'post-truth' world, and why Marketers are uniquely positioned as the change agents that will transform companies everywhere.

The problem with big fish: the obsession with overrated media value

There’s one thing that cannot be denied: the media game has changed in the information age. Millennials have been the most sought-after demographic by many brands, and now that they’ve co...