Brand Building

Looking at the building blocks that shape successful brand identity. Covering topics such as brand journalism and thought leadership as a means to take ownership of brand storytelling.

Exploring how a clear brand purpose can be applied to internal and external communications, as well as company culture. Practical advice on how to build trust with your audience and stakeholders, as well as how to be accountable and transparent in your communication.

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Taking your audience with you: thought leadership as a co-learning experience

Yuki Kho, project lead for Homerun's venture The Art of Work on why you can start thought leadership sooner than you think.

Write for your audience: nobody gives a $#!% about your brand

Brandon Andersen on why brands that barely mention themselves are so successful.

Do the right thing. Sincerely, your employees.

The disruptive tech industry is about to be disrupted – and it won’t be the machines rising up.

What 10 years at Heineken taught me about branding

Diogo Pinheiro knew he wanted to work in marketing from the tender age of 13. Working since 2006, it was in his last role as Global Communications Manager at Heineken that he produced som...

Brand activism: How marketers can create purposeful action to ensure long-term success

Purpose-led brands will be the only survivors in this new era of consciousness. And those that use this to create meaningful action will be the ones that not only establish themselves as ...

Lessons from a former advertiser turned Instagram activist

This month Unfold caught up with Alison Rachel, creator of Recipes For Self Love. With over half a million followers on Instagram and a newly published book, Alison has learned some usefu...