Changing Technologies

Technology and hyper-globalisation have triggered the fastest societal changes humans have ever experienced. How to navigate these changes as a brand by keeping on top of them, from VR to AI.

Examining how these advances in technology are changing the way we communicate and how to stay future-proof in this environment. Also looking at how technology is changing human behaviour.

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Neuromarketing: the ethical puzzle coming your way

The technology combining neurology and marketing is advancing. Before it becomes mainstream practice, there are some important questions to consider.

Why you should be using personalisation as a PR professional

They say someone's name, to them, is the sweetest word in the English language. Unsurprisingly then, companies have caught on and are using personalisation to tailor their communication f...

A CEO's guide on how to be an optimist in tech

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten is the ideal candidate to talk to about the future of communication; his company TNW exists in the perfect intersection between tech and journalism. As a self...

A public relations lesson for the tech industry

The tech industry values its status as a disruptor and heralds itself as a champion of the people. However, as the tech industry grows and becomes increasingly intertwined with people’s d...

The Slow Movement's slow takeover of communication

When we look at technology, it is hard to think of anything that is truly off the table. Perhaps, in contrast with this era of infinite possibility, we as humans are confronted with our o...